King’s Cross Harry Potter Cafe Seoul | ISescapade

Assalamualaikum & hi 90’s babies. Are you a potterhead? Well, I am not and never was. But I did khatam the whole movie series like 2-3 times in my lifetime just cause of the accent. Tho I’m not an avid fan, visiting the King’s Cross Station in London or The Wizarding World at the USJ has been in my travel checklist for quite some times now. With no special reason – just for the experience. Would it really feel like in a movie? How cool is that?Read More »

How our perceptions shape our reality?

Bila kita sebut ja ‘lima-puluh’ atau angka 50, macam2 bermain di minda kan? Macam2 kita boleh relate. Dulu RM50 dapat beli 1 troli barang dapur, sekarang RM50 sebakul pun kadang tak penuh. Dulu RM50 duit raya tu kecik ja nilainya, bila aku banding dengan abang kakak yang belajar kat uni dpt RM100 – nak cepat2 besar boleh dapat banyak duit raya. Tapi bila dah masuk uni…Read More »

5 reasons why you should sign up for Bigpay now!

What is BigPay? Seriously, you don’t know?? – I don’t blame you if you don’t really know by now cause I also knew about these recently. Though I am bit frustrated cause I’ve missed the benefits of this card for so long! It’s okay, then. It’s never too late! In this entry, I will tell you why you should get the BigPay and why it is not too late to sign up for it.Read More »

Before I’m an engineer, I’m a human.

Today, as any other Friday mornings when Technology dept. having a weekly meeting among the dept. top managements, we were called upon for a small appreciation ceremony for the recent event organized by mostly by new hire engineers – like me. Fast forward to after the ceremony, I recalled the long overdue post I promised to write, basically on my experiences being part of not one, but two successful events by our dept.

With the idea of making “Infineon Kulim – A great place to work”, Read More »

Bertam Eco Residence | The First Developer to Introduce Garage

You know, people always define success as how big your car or your house is.. If you’re not, well, at least I do. As a kid and even until now pun, I still believe that by buying a dream house and/or a dream car with your own money can only means that you are truly a successful person. By putting such a high goal it will motivate you to work even harder. You can still dreaming to own one without having it, but dreams are possible if you work hard.

I like to watch real estate videos on YouTube as much as I like to visit our local furniture store and even Ikea. Who doesn’t like Ikea, right? Walking in Ikea showroom makes me feel like I’m actually living there. Haha. Booo me. But who doesn’t? So that’s why I was so excited when I was invited to visit Bertam Eco Residence show house last Saturday. It was my first time visiting a show house so I was actually nervous and didn’t know what to expect. So as a first timer, I would like to share my experience so that, when you guys happen to visit any show houses, you know what is it like.

If you haven’t heard about Bertam Eco Residence, you are probably living under the rock so you’re just as clueless as me. No worries then, cause it’s better late than never.Read More »

What its like to be a Process Development Engineer in Semiconductor Foundry?

As an engineer with two years experience in semiconductor field, I don’t feel right to say that I know a lot. I started as a process development engineer wasn’t by choice. But ever since then, I thought of staying in the same position as long as I’m working in this field. Sebelum kita start, suka aku nak selitkan sedikit definisi untuk beberapa jargon asing yang akan aku guna dalam post ni.Read More »

To be loved is to love.

Read More »

Quick Update

Salam/Hi guys.

First of all, Happy New Year!! Its been a year I didn’t write anything here dek kemalasan yang menggunung. Daily video trip Korea yang lepas bertangguh sampai ke sudah. But…. I promised to you and to myself, this year, 2019, I’ll be spending more time with YouTube and Blog! Oh yeah! Hopefully, In Shaa Allah~

Semoga syaiton malas ni keluar dari diri seorang Ima, aminn.

First project untuk tahun ni, Chasing The Sunk HK. I invited myself to be the guest writer untuk blog tersebut. Tapi yang sedihnya, blog sendiri pun terbengkalai. Tapi… Not anymore guys. In Shaa Allah I’ll write more often! Btw, check out my Chasing The Sun HK (CTSHK) post here –> THE KOREA MANUAL

Macam pro pulak nak bagi manual kat orang kan? Korea je pun. Tapi tu lah. Walaupun ramai orang dah ter-exposed dengan Korea, namun jangan dilupakan yang masih tak celik Korea. Memandangkan aku ada satu hubungan dengan Korea yang pernah aku ceritakan di post dahulu kala, so aku buat lah apa yang aku suka kan? Sebab kalau buat something yang kita suka dan minat, kita akan jadi excited dan nak buat yang terbaik. Alhamdulillah, nasib baik ada member triggered, suruh aku jadi guest writer. As in terpaksa invite sebab aku dah invite diri aku dulu. Eh, macam mana tu. Haha. Actually, they are friends of mine. They kindly ask me to write anything there. So I did.

Second, seperti azam tahun baru aku di atas, YouTube and Blog. So kepada sesiapa yang nak colab, pm me. HAHA! Acah significant je. Tah-tah post ni takde siapa yang baca pun. Nvm, I’ll keep on posting sampai ada 10 orang yang baca, kalau perlu aku paksa depa baca depan aku. Eheh. Jangan desperado sampai macam tu sekali kan, member.

Third, I will be still single, so jangan tanya where’s my wedding invitation card or watsoeva. Indeed, I’ll be attending quite a lots of wedding this year. Cousin, close friends, old friend from primary school, colleagues, even housemate… Can you believe that? People around me are getting married yet I.. *complete my sentence please.

Moving on.

I’m expecting new environment of work this year. I hope a can make one step towards my goal, a meotjin Engineer! Aminn..

Lastly, follow me on IG and subscribe my YouTube channel if you haven’t already. I think followers/subscribers plays a big role in the production cause no one enjoy creating something without the audience. Without someone patting on your shoulder virtually. Without words of encouragements. And, without likes. Hang syok sendiri ka Ima? Haha. Gitu la yang aku rasa. Syok sendiri all this while buat benda ni. Sekadar suka-suka. Dan membuang masa. Tapi kalau ada audience, at least aku rasa obligated la nak buat. Alasan aku munasabah ke tak? Komen kat bawah. Hehe.

Aku tinggalkan korang dengan satu persoalan,

Sejauh mana anda akan pergi untuk kejar mimpi-mimpi anda?

Yang ni deep punya tau. Siapa jawab literally ‘lari’, aku cubit!

Lastly before aku betul-betul mengundurkan diri, please do me a favor to leave comment ‘Okay’ kat ‘Leave a comment’ kat atas. Nak check comment section aku function ke tak. Hahaha. Member punya trick. Kbai, for real. Now. Come back soon.